We are always so excited to see hear about the wonderful accomplishments of our Young Scholars alumni! Quaron Jones is a 2019 Young Scholars alum, who has obtained his Bachelor of Science from University at Albany and is achieving amazing things in the Digital Marketing field! Please read Jones’ inspirational story below.

“First male in the family🎓

I kept the promise I gave my father when he came into my room when I was around 9. The past-my-bedtime emotional conversation to graduate college to live a better life & make better decisions growing up. To not make the same mistakes, be a better man, & have an easier life than he had. Since making that promise it has been my guiding star my whole life.

But as I got older, life got tougher & I believe that I wouldn’t have been able to do that without the support system I gained. Young Scholars came into my life during middle & high school, lighting the way forward & providing me with resources & friends I never imagined. They saw potential in me & nurtured it, guiding me through the challenges & triumphs of my academic & professional journey. I owe so much to this program & every family member for helping me realize my potential & pushing me.

College was an incredible chapter filled with learning, growth, & unforgettable memories. I questioned my direction, discovered my flaws & strengths, & started projects that will help me and hopefully light the way for others. Pursuing psychology & business opened my eyes to the wonders of the mind & equipped me with valuable skills & insights that I will carry with me throughout my career.

Even though I secured my degree in December, it’s still bittersweet. I closed the chapter & stepped into an exciting new world. I secured a job in digital marketing – a field that blends creativity & strategy, & where I can apply my passion for understanding people in a whole new way. In February 2024, I started as Search Engine Optimization Analyst at QCKBOT where eventually I’ll take on an SEO Account Manager Role. I am ready to take on this new challenge & rest assured; I will take over!

To everyone who has been part of this journey, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your belief in me has been my fuel. 🌟 Let’s level up, detail dreams, & amplify realities! 🚀”

We are so proud of Quaron, and look forward to following him on his journey as a Young Scholars professional!