What is GLDP?

It is a certificate program that is conducted through in-person sessions over a ten-month period. The schedule typically follows the normal in-session college calendar and breaks. Participants meet monthly to attend lectures, study topics, participate in discussions, take part in group activities and projects, and ultimately graduate with their classmates. This process facilitates a sense of camaraderie and networking opportunities among YSLPP alumni. The program was founded by RD Advisory Group Founding Partner, Roe Polczynski, MBA, and Partner, Donald Polczynski, Jr., MS. They are both authors of the book “Changing Your Equation” that has inspired much of the program! You’ll also frequently hear from other session leaders on the RD Advisory Group team. Upon completion of the program, participants will receive a Young Scholar Advanced Leadership Certificate and a new perspective that will move them forward in life!

Who should attend GLDP?

Anyone who is a graduate of YSLPP and looking to advance their personal, professional, and community leadership skills. We welcome alumni that have entered or are preparing to enter the workforce and serve your community.


41 YSLPP graduates from nearly 20 colleges have completed the YS GLDP and have earned the program’s Advanced Leadership Certificate. Click the link to check out our GLDP Newsletter:


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Connection to RD Advisory Group:

RD Advisory Group was founded by author and leadership expert Roe Polczynski, MBA who has a proven track record of trainings, workshops, and leadership programs. Partner, Don Polczynski, Jr., brings perspectives built on over 30 years of business expertise encompassing a multitude of disciplines. Don brings a wealth of real-life experience that is particularly valuable to those at the beginning of their careers.  Among his passions are personal financial education as well as helping young people build fundamentally strong foundations upon which to build. Additionally, as authors of the book, “Changing Your Equation”, both Polczynski’s have been featured as guests on numerous radio shows, podcasts, and other media outlets.

Our Book – Changing Your Equation:

Roe and Don Polczynski Jr. worked hard and gave back to others, but after years of struggling, they were asking the same question: When do we reach our goals? They realized they must alter their vision of their ideal future or alter themselves. Worksheets, illustrations, and tools at the end of each chapter lead you to a better awareness of how different components in your life affect your situation. There is no reason any person, including yourself, should live without hope.

For information about the book, click here

P.S. All GLDP alumni receive a free, signed copy of the book!

Contact the RD Advisory Team:

We love to hear from you, YSLPP alumni! For questions about leadership or the GLDP program, email us at: rdagteam@rdadvisorygroup.com or visit our website at http://www.rdadvisorygroup.com/

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